Ephesus, Selçuk and Sirinçe: Hooray for old stuff!

After being bored in Bursa we took our bus ride to Selcuk to explore the ancient ruins of Ephesus. Ephesus had been on my list for ages and I was pumped to see some old crap. I had not been pumped to see some old crap since we were in Bagan maybe, so old crap was great. BRING IT ON.

We were on the bus for about 7 hours en route to Selçuk (Cell-Chook) . OH RIGHT – – and the bus broke down on the side of the highway about 45 minutes from our end destination. We boarded a 12:30pm bus. We arrived in Selçuk at 8:30pm. UNFAIR.

We had a quick, delightful dinner at a local family-run place. . We booked our day tour for the next day, and we fell asleep.

We spent the next day exploring one of the wonders of the ancient world, as well as the home where both the Vatican and the Muslim faith think Mary (mother of Jesus) spent her final years.

I couldn't take pix inside

I couldn’t take pix inside

Mary stuff! yeah!

Mary stuff! yeah!

I was like "I have not seen any of your kind in a long while". Nuns rock.

I was like “I have not seen any of your kind in a long while”. Nuns rock.

We stopped there first and I was immediately sad that my parents weren’t with me. Ok, well I wish my mom was there because it would have been really cool for her. Dad would have been rad to have in Japan to look at the awesome gardens. We all have our things with our parents.  Aside from Mary’s house, you can also leave your wishes for the future which we also saw in Japan which was a really sweet and fun sentiment.



Then, we were of to the ancient city of Ephesus. Our tour group was hilarious: a couple from Singapore, a family of four from India, a family of five which were Hungarian/Australian, and us. The Hungarian/Australian couple with three kids were our favorites: they were three years older than us with a nine-year-old. That took a while to sink in. LIFE CHOICES, I SUPPOSE. Anyway, they were awesome parents. Here is a sample exchange at the old Roman brothel (i.e. a House of Love in Ancient Roman times):

Mom: Guys you remember what sex is from when we talked about that right?

Kids: (groaning) UHHH HUHHH

Mom: So here, in the old days, you could pay a lady to have sex with her. This isn’t a good idea now though. Just be a good guy and buy her flowers sometimes and you’ll be able to persuade her to do the same things. Paying a woman for sex does not lead to good relationships.


We had a great time on this tour.

SAM_1582 SAM_1568 SAM_1562 SAM_1540 SAM_1536 Ephesus

Then we went to see the ancient Temple of Artemis (this one pillar is all that’s left and it’s a reconstruction).

this is all that's left.

this is all that’s left.

We also had a great time at dinner that night.



Our guide recommended a friend’s restaurant (which was delicious) but more importantly — a server thought Dave looked like a Turkish movie star and told him so– then showed us a youtube video to prove to me how well I had chosen.

I’ll let you be the judge but you might know how I lean:

Dave Klein

Dave Klein

Cemal Hunal (my new favorite Turkish beefcake… RIGHT? SO CUTE!)

Turkish beefcake

After a day of hardcore touristing, this diner and the DaveKlein lookalike story was everything we needed.

The next day we slept in and explored the local market and the nearby village of Sirinçe (Sir-in-Jay). The name means “ugly” to belie the village’s charm.

SAM_1617 Sirince

They are famous for their fruit wines which we bought as gifts for friends and gifts for ourselves. YEAH.

Also, I got a flower crown.



ANY woman of any age is instantly pleased by a flower crown. Probably a wide-variety of people I know are pleased by a flower crown which is how I know I have chosen the right tribe. It was 1 Lira (so like, sixty US cents)  and that is all you need to spend to make a woman happy (give or take the exchange rate). I WAS SOOOOO HAPPYYYYY!!!

for dudes

for some, less of a good time.

Then we took naps and went back to the delicious restaurant where the said Dave looked like the movie star. How could we not? They treated him like a local celebrity (otherwise known as Turkish hospitality).


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