Day Bau Bau: a trip to Bau House Dog Cafe

Quoting “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is a great way to pass the time when not working. Each day we have usually but one job: get lost. We get lost every day, much to Dave’s chagrin.  He gets very intense about maps and walks 5 feet in front of me when we are trying to GET SOMEWHERE. Usually a minor domestic kicks up– usually about how it’d be nice if he would walk with me not ahead of me–  but what else to be expected when your job is to get places, see stuff, get home, and eat all in a country where you don’t speak or read the language. WITH ONLY YOUR SPOUSE.  FOR MONTHS.

Directions are totally wack in Korea. Numbers on the streets aren’t logical so you can’t trust them. It’s all landmark driven. Directions go something like this. “Take this exit of the subway stop. Turn left after walking 63.4 meters then turn right at the 7-11.”

Sure! Ok! Seems clear but there are 40 7-11s and no left turns. Also what is a meter?

Such began our hour walking tour of Hongdae to find the infamous Bau House dog cafe. When you google it, all blog entries begin the same way, “we got horrifyingly lost until we found it. We’ll spare you from our plight — here’s a map”.

We looked at all of those. We had photos of them! But they all said different things. And we were so lost. So lost. We managed to cross streets without knowing it. We asked for directions. We checked the internets. Dave bought shoes (he needed to cope somehow) from the cutest little shop for hipster dudes who have his sized feet. In Asia, this is a feat (feet?) of glory. No hipsters have my sized feet there, which made me pout.

We passed loads of cute shops with fun names though.

Missing an "SLER" but ok we'll take it.

Missing  “SLER” but ok we’ll take it.

We almost gave up but I really needed to pet a dog. I was homesick one day and I could think of nothing else but petting dogs while enjoying a $7 coffee. This was our one job for the day and we were going to DO IT.

Then, after we walked back to our first attempt on attempt #5 from the subway exits, we saw it.

The sign! Which was not like the sign we were looking for based on the Internet. Which was not on the map a blog had made. I guess they moved?

Anyway, we found it.

And it was glorious.

only slender dudes apply

only slender dudes apply

There is a room for bigger dogs and a room for smaller ones. You buy a horribly overpriced coffee and some treats and can hang out forever almost.

To get there– as of our experience– take exit 3 of the station Hapjeong station.

Exit #3 looking back

Exit #3 looking back

Literally you will see an office building not 20 meters ahead of you. There will be a sign in Korean with a dog on it.

I imagine it says "hey dumb dumbs, this way for doggies"

I imagine it says “hey dumb dumbs, this way for doggies”

Laugh at how dumb we are. Turn down the alley. There it is. Should take you two minutes if you walk reeeaallll slow.

You too could make new friends like this.

new friends!

new friends!

It is pretty chaotic.



And you can tell the dogs are not the most uh… balanced, shall we say.

Much like their human friends.

Kat and her fav

Kat and her fav

Some dogs just wanted to chill with you.



Some enjoyed mugging for the camera (also the dog did).



Some enjoyed the attention from afar (also good since I was wearing all black)



Of course, the tiny, poofy dog found Dave to be an excellent vehicle for a nap.



And to soothe homesickness, a dog-twin of my brother Kevin’s dog, Michael.


Some were better dressed than others.



To reward ourselves for a job well done, having found this cafe and all, we treated ourselves to fried chicken for dinner. We found the fried chicken dinner while trying to walk home but got lost instead. Figures. We managed however, to find our way home properly from eating fried chicken.  #winning



3 responses to “Day Bau Bau: a trip to Bau House Dog Cafe

    this blog made my day.
    kinda wish the parents still lived in seoul, so i could see this dog cafe.

    safe travels, love japan for me.
    <3, woman.

  2. “I want to find dogs with chill vibes.”

  3. This is such an amazing idea, I need to set this place up on 14th Street, but I have a feeling there are health code issues. MISS YOU BOTH

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