Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?

As Kat wrote in her “2 Months of Travel” post, we’ve been thinking a lot about what we want to get out of this trip and what truly makes us happy. We don’t want to lock ourselves into going to places we aren’t particularly interested in just because “you just HAVE to do it.” So, with that in mind, we’ve made some very VERY big changes to our itinerary.

When we first imagined this trip years ago, we wanted to explore more of SE Asia, a place we’d been for a brief period and really enjoyed. It made sense because it was also cheap and we could stretch our dollar. Now that we’ve been here for two months, we’re still excited about exploring but we also have an appreciation that the world is a big place — too big for us to focus on just one part. Do we REALLY want to spend a month in Laos and Cambodia, or was that just on the itinerary because, well, we’re HERE so we might as well?

We talked about this over beers (Chang for Kat, Leo for me) while resetting a bit in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We came to the conclusion that the places on our itinerary should be ones included in the answer to the question “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?” Because now, RIGHT NOW, is possibly the only time in our lives where we can go wherever we want. We have no limitations and nothing is stopping us but ourselves (and a limited budget, of course).

SO, we’ve mapped out a new itinerary with new and exciting destinations. We have one more week in Thailand before heading to Burma for two weeks (more on that in a future post) and then to Vietnam for 2-3 weeks. After that we’ll head to South Korea for about a week followed by 3 weeks-ish in Japan. This is all somewhat up in the air and dates are approximate. What is absolutely set in stone is that on April 23 we have one way tickets from Osaka, Japan to……ISTANBUL, TURKEY.

Kat and I spent 10 days in Turkey in 2011 and it is truly one of our favorite places in the world. We were sad we couldn’t spend more time exploring the country and we’re really excited to be going back. After Turkey, we hope to spend a month or so visiting dear friends (and loyal banhmiandyou readers!) in Amsterdam and London. I desperately want to explore more of England and Scotland, so we’ll be doing a bit of that and neither of us has been to Barcelona, so we’ll fit that into the itinerary somehow.

We hope to go from Europe to Argentina in early June and spend 6 weeks or so in Argentina and Chile before finally coming back home.

After two months on the road, we hit a bit of a rough spot and we feel reinvigorated by our new plans. We cannot wait to go to there and to share there with all 30 of you.


8 responses to “Where would you go if you could go anywhere in the world?

  1. Love the Argentina and Chile plan!!

  2. Turkey sounds amazing, you guys!

  3. Holy COW! Awesome, congrats on your re-invigoration.

  4. Ah, so exciting that you guys will get to see more of Europe! I hear there’s great beer around here.
    (And yeah, I had wondered if SEA would get, well… not boring, but… you know, there’s just so much more to seeeeee.)

  5. HooRey!!! So exciting!!!!!

  6. Way to be “FEMA Flexible” guys! DK: I know England and Scotland well so feel free to holler at me once you end up in that nice of the woods.

  7. amazing!! i hope that you get to patagonia, because i can’t wait to see your pictures of that!!

  8. I am an American expat spending a year in London with my husband. I’ve been reading your blog to see how other American expat couples have done it. I am so excited that your travels will now include Europe as that is ALL we have planned for our year. 🙂

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