Off the Grid in Amed — 3 nights on Aas beach

After 4 nights in Seminyak and 4 nights in Ubud, we were off the grid entirely while on the sleepy northeastern shore of Bali on Aas beach near Amed. Staying at Meditasi bungalows where Elizabeth Gilbert of “Eat, Pray, Love” fame pronounced this low-key and low-maintenance hotel the most romantic place ever. I rolled my eyes at this testimonial but amid the frangipani and hibiscus bushes its hard not to agree. The legendary Smiling Buddha runs a hilarious yet completely chilled out spot where signs proudly announce, “No TV, no Internet, no stress”.


We read books, took naps, made a new friend from DC (hi Gabby!) and took (Kat, at least) Hatha yoga classes (but sat out headstands). There is nothing like shavasana listening to the waves knowing that you are going to walk 10 feet back to your room, take a cold shower (no hot water here!) and march right back to the main pavilion for happy hour.

Eat, pray, love missed key priorities like “Eat, beer, mango lassi” or even “eat, wonder what your friends are doing today, laundry”. Kat was into it and was ready to sing kum bai yah and dreadlock her hair. Dave was going to murder someone if there wasn’t some internet in his life soon. Smiling Buddha was just smoking cloves and asking us to come back when we had a baby. We laughed nervously and jumped into a car which took us to the scariest 40 minutes on the water that either of us has ever experienced but that’s a story for tomorrow.


Since we didn’t do anything really of note except relax, read, swim and eat, here are Facebook status updates / tweets I would have sent if we were within 3G network coverage:

Note to self, outdoor bathrooms in Bali– while beautiful– are unlike the novelty of an outdoor shower down the shore #shavedmylegsbyflashlight ”


Oh– is this why we call geckos, ‘geckos’?” during a chorus of weird Stephen Hawkings-sounding “gekkkkkkk-oh, gekkkkkkkkk-oh, gekkkkk-oh” cries

Yes, that was a lizard that ran out of the closet and out onto the porch #baliproblems


Just read the worst book ever, “Bergdorf Blondes”, by Plum Sykes. It was awesome. #guesthhouselendinglibrary

Watching a lightening storm miles away at sea #iendrighthere


New least favorite insect– those stupid flies that come out after the rains — #gross


we were lazy and hired a car for the day. It was about $45USD for the drive and part of that was the “eh, whatever” factor.

We ate all of our meals at the Smiling Buddha restaurant and averaged about $30/day there.

We paid $30/night for our bungalow with cold water only.

Hatha yoga classes were 100,000 IDR and included some laughing yoga which was new and suuuuuper crunchy of me.


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