Where’s mah bukkit (list)

Where’s my bucket list?

So, now that we’re out and proud about our trip (hooray!) we have a new routine.

We are winding down our time at work so there is now time for the, “Holy SHIT. WE are actually DOING THIS, AREN’T WE” emails. Because our departure is in just a few weeks.


We can only look at each other so many times on the couch, eating the yuppie equivalent of rice and beans, looking in disbelief at our savings account and eagerly re-watching No Reservations.

Aside from seeing our friends as much as possible, and spending money as judiciously as possible, here is my DC bucket list.

Run through the monuments

I’m a fair weather runner, but I always enjoy running along the mall getting my culture, people watching, and exercise all in one fell swoop. Nothing like gaping at waddling tourists to make you want to run harder, faster, and longer.

A raucous, ridiculous, hetero-normative night out

Just one more. I need to go to Chief Ike’s and dance my face off. I want to make poor decisions in outfit choices to try my best to prove I’m not getting old and close to the Stacey London rule of no mini-skirts after 35.  I want to take stupid pictures and put them all on facebook.  I want droopy eye make up and bleeding heels.

A gay send off

Rose Kennedys. Karaoke. 17th street. 14th street. Tragicomedy to the max.

Spend a day visiting all the places in DC that I hate (or love/hate) and take pictures of us scowling at them in disapproval.

A short tour of restaurants I will miss.

Toki Underground (though our asian food moratorium begins TODAY)

Cava Mezze (Check! Thanks Jenn!)

Variety of hilarious and completely inauthentic American sushi

A day of walking around with headphones on listening to the music I loved in college.
A tour of all the places Dave and I used to hang out back when we were dating and re-live the memories.

A Capitol hill bar crawl

See the Lichtenstein retrospective at the National Gallery of Art

A final walk through GW’s ever-changing campus

Oh right, and seeing our friends as much as possible.


2 responses to “Where’s mah bukkit (list)

  1. I don’t understand how you will eat at Toki Underground during a moratorium on Asian food…

  2. I love your blog, and will be excitedly tracking your travels! You and the mister are both such good adventurers and writers!

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