A different timeline.

Mr. Banh Mi and I are both floundering a little. With our trip far away, we both are in full-on daydreaming mode and not doing the best job of embracing our current situations. Work remains busy, even if we daydream about Thai street food. The gym remains open and necessary, but we both wish we were hauling our backpacks around and not lifting weights. The only constant is a tight budget and reading endless blog posts from new about packing lists, how maybe I don’t want to be in India for Holi and how to stay fit on the road.

This apathy isn’t doing us any favors. We still have friends here in DC we love and want to spend more time with before we leave. We still have a DC Bucket list we need to tackle (more on that one later). and more importantly, we still have 7 months of hardcore saving to do. So we also have to be creative about our time left here. It’s hard to want to see friends but also not be going out much. It’s hard to see things “one last time” when you still have 200+ days to go. At what point have we stopped staying and started leaving?

So there is an alternate timeline, a timeline of milestones that we can look forward to that will help us really mark the passing of time when we need it to speed up. That is, providing it slows down a bunch too once we depart!

April – 7 months to go
wedding anniversary
Mr. Banh Mi’s raise
Mrs. Banh Mi’s 30th birthday

May – 6 months to go
Friend returns from overseas
Mrs Banh Mi’s brother’s wedding
Boys trip for Mr. Banh Mi
Memorial day

June – 5 months to go
big work event for Mrs. Banh Mi
Big family party

July – 4 months to go
4th of July weekend
Freebie vacation with Mrs. Banh Mi’s parents at the Jersey Shore

August – 3 months to go
sigh…. here’s where it gets hard

September – 2 months to go
Friends depart overseas 😦
the arrival of our friends’ baby girl
Mrs. Banh Mi giving her notice

October – 1 month to go
Big work event for Mrs. Banh Mi
Mr. Banh Mi giving his notice
Mr. Banh Mi’s last day

November –  departure month!!!!
Mrs. Banh Mi’s last day
Election night (you can take us out of DC but you can’t take DC out of us)
Moving day


One response to “A different timeline.

  1. It’s not on most packing list.. but if you bring a bullet proof vest, you might be able to do Holi in India. LOL. Thanks for the mention and good luck! 😉

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