A Proposed Itinerary — Napoleon’s Battle Plan

Mrs. Banh Mi and I recently held a meeting to discuss our trip. I don’t know why it had to be a formal meeting, but it was. Somehow we felt that labeling it as such would make it feel more substantial than the standard idle daydreaming chatter that is our usual conversation style when discussing our trip. But, honestly, have you ever been at a meeting where something actually got accomplished?

At this “meeting” we developed a very loose itinerary. As we get closer to leaving and the daily grind here in DC gets ever more tiresome, the proposed length of “the dream” gets longer and longer. It started at 3-4 months and somehow has morphed to 6-8 months or even longer if we’re still enjoying ourselves and still have money left.

I think Mrs. Banh Mi and I agree that what will make our trip fun is not having a structured itinerary where we HAVE to be certain places at certain times. We like being free to stay somewhere longer if we like it, and being able to get the hell out of some hell hole if we hate it. It leaves us open to making new friends and creating open-ended adventures. So, take the below itinerary with a grain of salt. I’m sure it’ll all fall to crap within 48 hours of our arrival in Bangkok. We will be adopting Napoleon’s battle plan for our trip: first we show up, then we see what happens.








South Korea

fly home

The more research we do, the more ambitious we get. What about Nepal!? Mrs. Banh Mi recently read that Bhutan is awesome! And CHINA? WHAT ABOUT CHINA? Well, we do have to try to set SOME limits and boundaries. Those places aren’t out of the question, but we wanted to try our hand at being realistic for once, so that above list is our first attempt.

The item that sparked the most debate was whether to go to Cambodia. Mrs. Banh Mi and I spent 5 horrific days in Cambodia in the Summer of 2009 and as we crossed over the border to Vietnam (where I was momentarily detained by Vietnamese border officials) we all breathed a collective sigh of relief and swore we’d never ever go back to Cambodia. Well, we’re gonna give Cambodge another go. We’ll follow-up with a post soon about why we hated Cambodia so much and why we’re going back.

And it won’t take another 2 months for a new post. Promise.


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