Budgeting for Long Term Travel One Mochafrappachaiachino At a Time

When you tell people you’re quitting your job and going to travel the globe for an extended period of time, you generally get the same reaction: “Oh wow! That’s awesome!” That’s what their mouths say, anyway. I KNOW that what’s going on in their brain is “How can you possibly afford that?!

I used to think that there’s no WAY that we’d ever be able to afford to take this trip also. We plan on doing a future post with our detailed financial save/spend plans, but for now I just wanted to highlight an article that showed me just how easy it is to save for this kind of trip by making small changes to your lifestyle.

ImageHave you ever thought about how much you spend on items each day that cost under $5? It’s such a small amount that you don’t really think about the aggregate. Apparently, the average American worker spends $1100 per year on coffee. There are people in my office who go to Starbucks at LEAST once a day if not twice. I don’t blame them. I’m addicted to coffee myself. It’s a drug and it got its hooks into me and if it’s wrong then I don’t want to be right. I LOVE coffee — but goddamn $1100 per year is a lot to spend on ANY addiction.

I’m not willing to give up coffee but I’m not going to be one of those suckers pouring $1100 of black liquid down my gullet. I buy ground coffee and keep a french press on my desk at work. I make my own coffee fresh every day. I get ribbed by colleagues for being a coffee snob (which I am), but who will be laughing at who when I spend the hundreds of dollars I’ve saved through coffee-snobbery on holding a baby panda in China?


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